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How to create a small sample data set in QlikView using a Ctrl+Q+Q shortcut

The Ctrl+Q+Q short cut in the Script Editor can be used to quickly generate a small sample data set.

03 Apr 2017
Limitation on max number of aggregations in an expression

An expression is by default not allowed to contain more than 501 aggregations

19 Dec 2014
Sorting in Text() formatted mixed value fields

The behavior in QlikView for sorting alphanumeric strings varies a bit from for example Excel. A description of the differences and reasons for why.

19 Dec 2014
Missing value symbol not applied on missing values in chart object

Missing values will never be shown with missing symbol in straight table. This is due to the in memory technique used to create the data sets over which the chart is calculated.

18 Apr 2017
What To Do If A Qlik Demo App Is Not Available

Problems with apps on Qlik's demo site ( can be reported to Qlik Qoncierge

22 Aug 2016

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