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Qlik Support for Idevio (Qlik GeoAnalytics)

000029835 |20/03/2018
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On April 10, 2017 Qlik support will officially take over the support for existing Idevio customers and partners.
If you're an existing Idevio customer this will impact you in the following ways:

  • All new Qlik GeoAnalytics support inquiries should be managed using Qlik Support Portal, starting April 10, 2017.*
  • support@idevio.com email should no longer be used when contacting support for assistance with Qlik GeoAnalytics, instead use Qlik Support Portal.
  • We strongly recommend that you upgrade to Qlik GeoAnalytics, which will replace existing Idevio products, as soon as possible. Idevio products will be retired and no further development will be done.

* If you have an open support ticket with Idevio, it will not be transferred to Qlik Support Portal but will be managed by Idevio until closed. 

Where to find Qlik GeoAnalytics 

Qlik GeoAnalytics (replacing Idevio products) will be available from Qlik download page on April 10, 2017

Important License details

Current Idevio license keys will not work with Qlik GeoAnalytics. Instead new Qlik license keys will be distributed to affected customers and partners in a separate email at launch. Qlik GeoAnalytics needs to be licensed using the new distributed license key.

Legacy Idevio license details will be available through Qlik Support Portal to assist in migrating from Idevio to Qlik GeoAnalytics  (which will utilize the same LEF licensing system as other Qlik products). For detailed information on how to look up the corresponding Idevio license vs. Qlik license see (requires login):

Additional information

Release notes (needs to be updated)

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